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Les has been featured in a number of written publications over the years, including The National Post, Good Housekeeping, The New York Times, Time Magazine, Newsweek and Fortune Magazine. He has also co-authored many articles in newspapers and magazines including GOOD HOUSEKEEPING Magazine.

The Family Fight in the Media

  1. Caring For Your Child When You're No Longer Here

Christina Ianzito

Washington Post

  1. Wills Can Leave a Bitter Legacy

Janice Mawhinney

Toronto Star

  1. GO ASK DAD: Good Will Good Legacy

Pioneer Press

  1. Where There's A Will, There's Harmony

Kim Ode

Minnesota Star Tribune

  1. Family Fight Explores Factors That Split Heirs

Azell Murphy Cavaan

Boston Herald

  1. With Professional Estate Planning, There's Less Chance of Splitting Heirs

Kathy M. Kristof

L.A. Times

  1. Planning Ahead Can Discourage Family Fights

Samantha Critchell

Associated Press

  1. Getting Personal

Kathy Chu

Dow Jones Newswires

  1. With more blended families, estate planning gets ugly

Haya El Nasser

USA Today

  1. Wills Are a Recipe for Family Disaster

Irene Seiberling

Postmedia News

  1. Battle For Inheritance: 'These people are hungry for money'

Sarah Boesveld

National Post

  1. Poor Planning, Outdated Wills Lead To Family Feuds

Associated Press

7 MUST READ articles!

  1. Five ticking time bombs in your will.

Melissa Leong

Financial Post

  1. What parents with young children need to know about wills.

Irene Seiberling

Leader Post

  1. Sage Advice On How To Avoid The Family Fight

Marty Gervais

Windsor Star

  1. Lawyer's Goal Is Keeping Families Together

Jean Peerenboom

Green Bay Press Gazette

  1. Families Need to Discuss Parents' Wills

Eileen Alt Powell

Associated Press

  1. Legal Advice Can Avoid Family Feuds

James Daw

Toronto Star

  1. With more blended families, estate planning gets ugly

Haya El Nasser

USA Today

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